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About me

Passionate about understanding human functioning and its relational systems

I am extremely interested in discovering and understanding the infinity of human behaviors, as well as their interactions within the systems in which they live, whether it is a team, a department, a site, a division, or a company.


It seems to me strategic for each person or organization to develop self-knowledge, how it works, its vision and its ways of relating to others.

My interest in understanding human functioning and its systems leads me to coach collectively and individually. You can find my individual and collective coachings in detail.

I work with partners for whom I coach:

  • Simundia, the flexible and personalized digital coaching solution

  • Bloomr Impulse, human impact training via online programs with one-on-one sessions with certified coaches

  • Netexpat, a leading global provider of assessment, training and coaching for mobile employees and their partners

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My specificities in coaching

In my coaching practice, I follow the code of ethics of the ICF .

In my accompaniments, I take particular care to:

  • Continuously clarifying meaning and intentions and relating them to actions, which allows coachees to develop a clear vision and focus.

  • Provide detailed reading of systems and strategic issues of situations.

  • Help my coachees to identify what depends and what does not depend on them to find their area of responsibilities and actions.

  • Interrogate beliefs and representations of the world in order to see situations from new angles.

  • Create a strong alliance with my clients by bringing them an unconditional welcome and absolute confidence in their resources. From this strong alliance, a secure space is created allowing true speaking and experimentation with change.

  • Practice integrative coaching: Systemic, NVC, Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Aristotle Method, etc.

I have integrated the principle of coaching into my posture, which is key for me: the coach is high on the frame and low on the content. This principle means that the coachee is the one who knows his situation, who knows best what is good for him and who makes the decisions. The coach is there to help create the space where the coachee will be able to work on the change he wants. The coachee is an expert in his situation and the coach is then an expert in the framework he is proposing.

An international industrial background specializing in managerial support

I studied in a business school with a specialization in financial management. I have a double French diploma from EM Normandie, Sup'Europe program, and German from the Hochschule de Bremen, where I spent a year. I then completed my studies with the 3rd cycle in Human Resources from ESSEC.

In 2006, I joined a major automotive industry supplier. I spent 11 years in the HR function. I have carried out a wide variety of assignments, whether in HR reporting, HRIS, communication, recruitment, training, etc. Then, I specialized in career management and management development, which consisted of supporting managers in their mission and leadership development. As part of my duties, I trained in professional coaching in 2013. It was for me a magnificent field of experimentation because I created a strong relationship of trust with the Director of the perimeter, his managers and their teams. I have led many individual and group coaching sessions, as well as seminars.

This industrial background once again led me to be exposed to international environments. The first two years, I worked in the United States, before returning to France to work on a global Research & Development scope strongly linked with Germany, Spain, the United States, India, China, Brazil, etc.

In 2017, I became an independent professional coach. I worked for 3 years in the United Arab Emirates where I led many collective workshops. I have been expatriated since summer 2020 in the Netherlands.


I lead my on-line and face-to-face coaching, in France, in Europe according to the needs of my clients.

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Why and how I became a coach

I discovered coaching thanks to an important meeting and a bit of chance! One of my managers and mentor suggested that I do a coaching training because he considered that all HR should go through this type of training.

So I started without really knowing what to expect and my first years of training were "for me" above all. Learning to know myself better, understanding my modes of interaction, as well as my representations of the world.

Then, this course completely transformed my way of living my HR job. I worked more and more in partnership with the managers in my area and their teams. This period left me with extraordinary memories with the people I worked with.

Finally, it became increasingly clear to me that my dream was to be in a position to accompany individuals and teams in an even stronger way, which is why I became an independent coach.

Since then, I have been coaching with great pleasure, I am constantly learning from my clients, from my encounters and I am always keen to break new ground in coaching. I am fortunate to train an average of 15 days a year in addition to my numerous readings and conferences.

This continuous learning reflects my very integrative practice and my high standards of ethics in my profession. I am also supervised and exchange with my peers on an ongoing basis.

You have questions ? Contact me.

  • 2016 - Professional Coach, by International Mozaik, diploma accredited level 2 by the RNCP and accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation)

  • 2006 - Master 2 in Human Resources Management,  ESSEC, France. Program: ISFOGEP

  • 2005 - Bachelor in finance, School of Management of Normandy, France. Program: Sup'Europe CESEC

  • 2004 - Bachelor of Finance, Hochschule Bremen, Germany

  • 2020 - Certified Appreciative Inquiry practitioner by IFAI

  • 2019 - Certified "Professional Certified Coach" PCC by the ICF

  • 2019 - Certified Aristotle practitioner in individual support

  • 2018 - Certified "Associate Certified Coach" ACC by the ICF

Discover my PCC certification from the ICF

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Intense continuing education
  • 2022

    • Fundamental theory module in Transactional Analysis, Ecole d'Analyse transactionnelle, 11 days. On-going

    • Embodiement level 1, Presence & Leadership Institute, 2 days. On-going

  • 2021

    • Systemic approach for professionals, Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz, 10 jours

    • The Learning Team, Etienne Collignon, 2 jours

    • Transactional analysis, course 101, ATOA, 2 days

  • 2020

    • Supervisor of coaches, Mozaik International, 12 days

    • Appreciative Inquiry, IFAI, 4 days

    • Supervision, with the Institut Aristote, 1½days

  • 2019

    • Advanced Co-development, CECodev, 4 days

    • CSelf-esteem & self-confidence, master Class Génération 15-25, 2 days

    • Resilience & resonance, master class Mozaik International, 2 days

    • Paradoxal approach, master class by Mozaik International, 2 days

    • Tools for a better understanding, master class Génération 15-25, 1 day

  • 2018

    • Co-development fundamentals, CECodev, 5 days

    • NVC : modules mpathy, anger, mourning, hear & say "no", culpability, believes, 6½ days

    • The art to defer its judgement, IRIS, 3 days

  • 2017

    • Aristotle Program by the Institut Aristote, 4 days

    • Non Violent Communidation, 3 fundamentals modules, 6 days

    • Supervision of coaching competencie, International Mozaik, 6 days

  • 2016

    • Coaching of Juniors, International Mozaik, 6 days

  • 2015

    • Supervision of coaching competencies, International Mozaik, 10 days

  • 2014

    • Team coaching, International Mozaik, 15 days

    • Leadership Architect® by Korn Ferry, 1 day

  • 2013

    • Coaching fundamentals, International Mozaik, 12 days

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