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Individual Coaching

A time for yourself


Individual coaching, a powerful tool to achieve your goals


The aim of coaching is to accompany the coachee to gain discernment and clarity in order to find his or her own answers, those that are most appropriate for him or herself and, when necessary, to put them into action.


In individual coaching, I accompany you to explore your situations, to understand what is at stake for yourself and your environment. I lead you to look at your subject from new angles, to clarify your needs and deepest desires, to explore your fears that may block you. Very often this work is accompanied by awareness of your functioning, your beliefs, and the way you relate to others. The coaching work allows you to reclaim your zone of actions and responsibilities in order to dare to say and dare to do.

I work a lot with the systemic and communicational approach, the study of the environment of my coachees and their interactions with their environment. I am also trained in many tools that feed my practice: transactional analysis, non-violent communication, appreciative inquiry, etc.

Do you have a project or questions? Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it.


"The serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other."

Marcus Aurelius

Examples of situations that can be the subject of coaching


The situations that can be the subject of coaching can be very varied. Here are some examples, they are not exhaustive:

  • Reach an ambitious goal

  • Take a position in a new company

  • Change of job in the same organization which will induce a change of posture for the person

  • Overcome communication difficulties

  • Develop leadership

  • Explore possible options

  • Make choices

  • Unblock a problematic situation

  • Manage change

  • Define or refine the professional project

benefits of coaching

  • Gain comfort in a giving situation by opening, for example, the field of possibilities for actions

  • Change your way of seeing, see from new angles

  • Find pleasure and joy in your actions

  • Reduce the level of stress

  • Know yourself better to gain power

  • Benefit from a space of trust where you can share in complete freedom

  • Strengthen your self-confidence

Whatever the benefits of coaching, the autonomy of the coachee is at the heart of the process so that he/she is not in a relationship of dependence with the coach.

Roll out of a coaching session in a company

  • Qualification of the request with the coachee, the manager and / or the representative of the Human Resources function

  • Establishment of a contract

  • Quadripartite start-up meeting with the coachee,  the manager , the Human Resources representative and myself. The coaching demand and the indicators of the stakeholders are defined and shared together

  • Coaching sessions: at each session, an objective for the session is defined at the beginning to be reached for the end. This process create focus and push for actions.

  • Coaching review meeting to assess how the coaching objectives and the indicators for success are achieved

It is sometimes possible to include a quadripartite follow-up meeting in the middle of the  coaching.

In case of changes in the objectives during the coaching, this quadripartite meeting is then essential to take into account a change of context and to realign all together on new objectives.

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