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March 10th 2021: Mozaik International's e-phosphore, dare to explore the unknown with your clients

As part of the Mozaik International Coaching School's e-phosphores, I led a 2-hour presentation and workshops on one of my favorite themes: Daring to explore the unknown with your clients.

E-Phosphore - Wednesday 10th of March 2021 – from 6pm to 8 pm 18h00 à 20h00 Facilitated by Lucie CARON BELLANGER

I have seen regularly in my own transformation journey that letting go of control to dare to explore the unknown with clients is a huge challenge. Yet, the job of a coach is to accompany our clients into the unknown. This is even more important in the current context where our clients are themselves facing situations that are more and more filled with uncertainty. Developing the ability to explore and live serenely with the unknown for the coach is a tremendous asset.

During this phosphore, I propose to develop your ability to explore the unknown!

We will:

  • Explore our best strategies for successfully avoiding the unknown and defusing it, in a flexible way!

  • Share possible keys to enter the exploration with a focus on the posture of the coach and his relationship to the tools.

  • Use homeostasis as an ally by connecting to what we already know how to do well to explore the unknown and anchor it.

  • Experimenting live and playfully with the unknown in order to taste the surprise and the emergence of the new.

The speaker :

Lucie Caron Bellanger, PCC coach, expatriate in several countries, has a personal experience of exploring new worlds. Her career in Human Resources in the automotive industry led her to accompany managers and their organizations in the construction and deployment of their vision. Today, she coaches individuals and teams in their transformation processes. She supervises the coaches, having at heart to make them experiment the unknown to gain power in the service of their clients. Lucie loves to learn, experiment and transmit.

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