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When will we be back in the office?

Until now, the French government has called for the systematic use of remote work when possible. As of June 9, it is handing over to companies to decide.

Remote working has been the norm for a year and the results are mixed. Face-to-face work is becoming possible again and at the same time employees have new expectations. It is urgent for companies to invent their own hybrid organization model to combine face-to-face and remote work while boosting performance, innovation and commitment of their teams.

In partnership with Marguerite Livon, we have identified 3 levels of intervention for our clients:

  • The organization: engage their employees to reinvent their work organization model

  • Teams: taking advantage of the return to the office to recreate links and facilitate the transition to a hybrid operation

  • Managers: develop hybrid management skills

Marguerite and I are developing our offerings with creative, forward-looking proposals that are resolutely committed to helping teams succeed together.

We look forward to discussing your challenges and proposing the best solution for your teams.

Give us a call!

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