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Homme professionnel

Brice, Managing Director Asia & pacific
Oil & gaz industry

Lucie coached with a lot of empathy, showing me gently my strengths and shadows.

I realized with her how much I lacked confidence where I should have a lot, how to balance professional and private life was not so difficult after all, and that I had all that was necessary in me to reach the next steps.

She is a really kind person, a great listener, full of energy and positive thinking, with a sweet but sharp character, having a very smart approach to coaching to bring the best out yourself.

I very much enjoyed our sessions together, I only wished we had much more time. But I quickly realized our coaching had a strong and positive impact on my relations with colleagues and boss, so much in fact that I reached my goals for the coaching only a few weeks after our last session.


—  Coaching performed in french

I met Lucie in 2019 in UAE and she was my coach when I arrived in the country. I was looking for someone who could help to understand the local  market, business culture and to set up objectives for myself during the transition process in my career.


Lucie met all my expectations with a lot of professionalism and dynamism, always willing to understand my needs in a positive environment and with a lot of transparency.


I highly recommend her work, thanks for all the support.

—  Coaching performed in english

Juliana Seixas
PC&L country supervisor

Photo Juliana Seixas.jpg

public relations

Lucie has exceeded my expectations in delivering an outstanding service.
The experience was deeply engaging and transforming.
She is very resourceful and inspiring.

What Lucie brought to the coaching that helped me to move forward:

  • A good ability to identify the knots and to dig to try to undo them gradually

  • A nice personality: dynamic, smiling, pleasant, human, which easily puts the person being coached at ease, in confidence

  • She asks the right questions, sometimes difficult questions, which push the coachee to reflect and to see things from different angles; with the right questions, it is easier to find the "right" answers, solutions

  • A very interesting analytical capacity that easily makes the link between limitations or opportunities

  • Lucie masters the necessary balance between letting the person express themselves and bringing them back when they stray

  • She uses a variety of techniques throughout the sessions


—  Coaching performed in french

"Go for it!!! A rare opportunity to get to know ourself better"

"Yesterday I participated in a co-development session with Lucie. What a great energy, thanks to Lucie and the other participants, I was able to see more clearly in my project, the questions and remarks of all the consultants, as relevant as the others, made me think and continue to make me think...

This session is a real boost. Thank you."

"A very nice coaching, which brought me a lot on a personal level, where I did not expect it.
Thank you Lucie, great coach! "

"I highly recommend this method and especially Lucie, Coach, with whom I had the pleasure of working! It's a great gift we give ourselves 😉"

"Thank you Lucie for this moment of reflection in a friendly atmosphere. These exercises allowed us to become aware of the small and big steps we have accomplished. The future projection is already synonymous with accomplishment.
See you soon for more coaching."

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