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When the team needs to strengthen its ties: share of the experience of a team coaching session!

"We told each other things, I never thought it was possible"

"I am reboosted".

"This seminar allowed us to identify the place of each person in the team.

"I was surprised by the proactive commitment of the most resistants people".

"Now I am really part of the management team".

At the beginning of the 2 days we spent with the management team, the atmosphere is quite different. The tension is palpable. The participants formulated their expectations: "to know how to say what is wrong without hurting the other person's feelings", "to feel better considered", "to make sure that these two days of seminar are sustainable over time", "to know each other better". Faces are closed and the unspoken is omnipresent.

When the link is broken, performance drops

This confirms the discussions we had beforehand with the team leader: the lack of desire, the tensions in the team between the "old" and the "new", the differences of opinion on the technical and managerial aspects. The result: declining performance indicators and a demotivated team on the eve of the year's peak activity.

A powerful framework to open the dialogue

We set up a clear framework at the beginning that encourages dialogue. During these two days, the group relies on it by referring to it and by pointing out when it is no longer respected. The first exercises will immediately make it possible to bring these rules to life so that they do not remain empty words on the board. We embody this framework at every moment.

The adaptation of the live animation, the opportunity to make the team live the mutual aid

Always serving the purpose, we adapt our animation to what is happening in the team at all times. Thus, it emerges that some people would like to be helped without ever daring to ask. On the spot, we integrate the experience of self-help into the ongoing workshop. The ideas flow and the participants overflow with proposals, the mutual aid is at its maximum!

Mediation through the body to allow the expression of relational difficulties

In order to bring out the team's functioning that the participants are not aware of or that they have never dared to express together, we offer the team an instinctive and interactive workshop: living sculptures. Thanks to this experimentation, the participants share their perception of the way things work and address the real issues that cause trouble, in a totally spontaneous and serene way.

Daring to give signs of recognition

At the end of the two days, the exchange of signs of recognition is the high point. While respecting the privacy of each participant, they share the strengths they appreciate in others. Each person feels valued and values the other. The energy in the group is transformed.

After a year of remote work, it is urgent to recreate the link!

In many teams, the distance has weakened the links and limited dialogue. Some have even turn off their camera for months. It is urgent to organize a time of reconnection in the teams.

Contact us, @Marguerite Livon and @Lucie Caron Bellanger,, to work together on a tailor-made animation!

Thanks to Avantages Compétences, @Olivier Verlhac and our client for their trust.

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